Resealable Packaging

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closeupMarket research shows that consumers are more inclined to choose a resealable pack, regardless of price. Resealable packaging offers convenience, freshness and portion control.

TCL Packaging can supply the correct resealable solution to suit each food and consumer product type. Together with trusted conversion partners, we provide packers and food manufacturers with resealable options that suit each food or non-food product.

Resealable lidding films

Resealable lidding films

Lidding films are now increasingly offering a resealable option on ready meals for cooking, reheating and stirring purposes.  For products like cooked meats, cheeses and snacks, resealable lidding offers the chance to take a portion and then reseal for freshness until needed next time.

Our technical development team has extensively researched and developed adhesives for resealable lidding and label options.  Matching the lid to the tray to ensure top performance is a skill developed at TCL over many years.

Resealable pouches

Resealable pouches

Press-to-close grip seal continues to be popular on many products because it can be easily opened and closed as many times as required. Pre-made resealable pouches and Doypacks using TCL printed films are produced with  trusted conversion partners

Resealable labels on snacks

Snack products are a rapidly growing area of resealability. The need to support consumers to regulate their calorie, sugar and salt intake means that snack and confectionery manufacturers are increasingly adding this feature to their packs.

Resealable wet wipe labels

Wet wipes require a strong and moisture-proof seal that performs over and over again, creating a strong seal that keeps the wipes fresh, moist and ready for use.  TCL can laser-scribe shapes and complex patterns as required.

Types of film

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Resealable Packaging
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