Label Replacement Films

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quornLabel replacement films help communicate key messages and sell more product.  Until now, a separate labelling process was used, applied to the printed packaging film at an additional stage of the packing process – now films with integral labels and offer flashes are the way to go.

Label replacement films from TCL means it’s all done in one go, saving cost, materials and time.  Highly flexible production facilities at TCL’s Telford plant enable many stock keeping units (SKUs) to be individually labelled on the printed film. Even when there are many label permutations with product offers, TCL label replacement films provide the most cost efficient solution

TCL’s flexible production techniques allow for much smaller quantities than are normally associated with this type of process, making label replacement films ideal for multiple, short runs and special promotions. The latest digital flexographic print technology equipment allows for maximum production flexibility

Free of charge audit to assess suitability of label replacement films

TCL offers audits to customers to accurately assess the cost of films with standard labelling and compare these with the cost of printed label replacement films. The company is ISO 9001, ISO14001 and BRC certified


Specialist comparison tool developed by TCL in conjunction with industry experts

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Label replacement films – Booths Brazil


Label replacement films – Tesco Noodles


Label replacement films – Pro Cuisine

Label replacement films - Ugo

Label replacement films – Ugo Pasts

Label replacement films

Label replacement films

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Extended shelf life
Label replacement
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