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At TCL we have become known for our excellent technical support.  We support end-users, machinery partners and packers throughout the packing and development process ensuring they have exactly the right printed film for the job.

TCL-Printing-plate-1Innovation, research and development is at the heart of our business.  Our highly experienced technical director heads a team that focuses on outstanding technical support. This is demonstrated by our high level of repeat business and many long-standing satisfied customer relationships.

We don’t just give customers top-quality product, delivered on time: We share our expertise to support them throughout the whole packaging process – dealing with technical issues, providing advice on the best solution, innovating new products, developing new processes and techniques and testing films and inks for performance.

We have excellent working relationships with machinery suppliers, research facilities, testing laboratories and reprographics houses. If we think a different material, a lighter gauge or less expensive process would perform just as well for your product and packaging process – we’ll tell you. Helping our customers achieve cost efficiencies is an integral part of the TCL service.TCL- new film on McDonald's lettuce bag Jul 13

TCL Technical support leads development of new extended shelf-life films for McDonald’s

TCL technical support recently led a team that developed a new packaging film to meet strict criteria demanded of chopped lettuce packers supplying McDonald’s.

The challenge, driven by McDonald’s environmental policy, was to move away from traditional PET/PE laminate films but continue to meet the stringent conditions for keeping iceberg lettuce fresh and ensuring packs are easy to open.  The ability to improve packing speeds was also a requirement for the lettuce packers to meet demand.

Part of the development work involved a number of subtle chemical changes and many trials of the extended shelf-life film properties through the extrusion process to create a film that meets the technical requirements.  The outcome is a new clear, recyclable, mono-layer PE-based material with easy peel properties. The film runs successfully at speed without any temperature issues. Slitting the new film requires specialist conversion expertise which is handled at TCL’s production facility in Telford.

TCL is a leader in the development of new print techniques, film treatments and materials.

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