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Who we are

TCL Packaging is an established supplier of flexible packaging films. We print, prepare and treat films for a wide variety of applications. Printed reel films are supplied by us to converters, packers and manufacturers in the UK and internationally. Our technical team works to achieve excellence in every product that leaves our factory About

Why choose TCL

The team at TCL is known for customer satisfaction - giving customers what they want, on time, at the right quality. We take the time to understand packaging requirements and find the very best way to meet the specification. Perfectly printed packaging is not just a slogan at TCL, it's a commitment to our customers. More

Our Products

TCL packaging films add value to products by extending shelf-life, improving cost efficiencies, adding convenience, maximising brand awareness and reducing packaging waste. We provide films printed in-house to High Definition standards and then treated to suit each application. Our films are manufactured to suit each individual application. Products
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