Plain films

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Plain reelsAlthough TCL Packaging is best known for its printed packaging films, we also supply plain films on the reel to our customers as required.

Plain films are sometimes used along with printed versions for smaller volume SKUs that will have an added label.  Using plain films is a good way to start with a new product at low volume, converting to fully printed versions as sales grow.

Many of our printed film customers use plain films for product wrapping for freshness and extra protection.  Online retailers are regular users of plain films to help protect the product during transit.

Plain films can be supplied in a variety of materials, thicknesses and sizes. They can be hole-punched, micro-perforated and treated for specific applications such as plain films for fresh produce.

Minimum quantities are small and delivery times are quick and efficient.

As with all of our films, plain films are produced to comply fully with BRC Food Safety standards


Types of film

Extended shelf life
Label replacement
Pet food
Resealable Packaging
Bags and pouches


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