Pet food packaging films

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Pet food packaging - Vitamix Pet food packaging is fast becoming one of the most sophisticated packaging areas as brands compete for their share of this thriving market.  Premium, organic, pet treats and vegetarian products for pets sit on shelves alongside more traditional pet foods with consumers focused on quality product for their pets

TCL Packaging supplies films for many leading pet food brands and specialises in high impact print and films that constitute the strong, functional packaging required to enhance a pet food  brand – packaging that  prompts both spontaneous and repeat purchase.Pet food packaging - Barking Heads

High definition flexographic print using solvent based and water-wash plate technology removes the need for the more expensive gravure process formally associated with the pet foods market.  Creative planning and reprographics now mean the most elaborate and eye catching design can be produced with a minimum number of colours. This reduces ink usage and keeps costs down

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.Pet food packaging - Wilko bird food Pet food packaging - Alan Titchmarch



Types of film

Extended shelf life
Label replacement
Pet food
Resealable Packaging
Bags and pouches


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