Flexible, Printed Laminated Films for Packaging

Printed laminate films for packaging are still the most popular and versatile type of flexible film we provide. Laminated films can be supplied in up to five layers in OPP, LDPE, PET, paper and foils with an infinite variety of combinations to create exactly the right look, feel and functionality.

Laminating films are increasingly being used by innovative companies looking for new ways of packing and presenting their products.  The strength and flexibility of laminate films makes them ideal for cooking, frozen foods, drink sachets, snack products and pet foods. The robust nature of laminate films, coupled with the ability to display print to a high definition standard means they remain one of our best-selling packaging film products

Paper laminates are creating some of the most innovative finished packs using strong materials with state-of the-art barrier properties whilst presenting a more traditional paper look and feel often preferred by the consumer. Combined with TCL’s high definition print capability, laminates create some of the most eye-catching designs. They also provide practical advantages such as puncture resistance, barrier capabilities and qualities suitable for frozen foods. Laminate films can be supplied for ovenable, microwavable and retortable applications.

High Precision Laminating Films

The technical capabilities at TCL facilitate high precision laminate coat weights and seal integrity that allows the use of some of the thinnest gauges of laminating films – down to 10 micron OPP with perfect results.  This offers the potential to significantly reduce packaging usage.

We take seriously the environmental aspect of laminating films and often work with users to create laminate films thinner and easier to recycle. We offer both solvent-based and solvent-less lamination.

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