Resealable Flexible Food Packaging

According to the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) 20% of food and drink purchased in the UK is thrown away. WRAP concluded that in 2015 food with a retail value of £13 billion was thrown away, this waste is equivalent to the emissions generated by one in four cars on UK roads.

TCL’s resealable packaging solutions can help to reduce household food waste by increasing the amount of time that products remain fresh. Resealable packaging also offers consumers improved portion control which enables better regulation of calories, sugar and salt intake especially for products such as snacks, crisps and confectionery. Other benefits of resealable packaging in the product specification is enhanced convenience and easier to open packs, which is a huge bonus to people who suffer from dexterity issues.

Resealable Lidding

These films are the perfect choice for products such as ready meals which are cooked and often stirred part way through the cooking process and resealed again.

Packs of cooked meats, cheeses and snacks will benefit greatly from the use of resealable packaging as the required portion can be taken and then the pack can be resealed for freshness until it is needed again.

If you are unsure which lidding film is suitable for use with a specific production application, then please contact us and our highly skilled Technical Team will be able to match the right substrate to the required tray or pot.

Resealable pouches

Many of our clients choose to include grip seals when specifying their pre-made pouches and bags, the press to closure is a very popular option for many types of products as these resealable flexible packaging  pouches can be easily opened and closed as many times as required.

Resealable labels

Resealable labels can be integrated into lidding films which are popular for resealable plastic packaging products. The film is die cut so that the opening is exposed as the label is peeled back. After opening, the label can be resealed. Openings can be placed anywhere on the pack ensuring that consumers are offered maximum practicality and ease of use.


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