Bags & Pouches

Bags & Pouches

As well as a printed film on the reel, TCL Packaging supplies printed pre-made bags and printed pouches. They can be used for promotions, shorter runs and hard to pack products. Examples include resealable food pouches and stand up resealable pouches.  Small start-ups and new businesses rarely have the capital to invest in automatic packing machinery and find pre-made pouches easier and more cost-efficient to use.

New state-of-the-art bag conversion machinery is used to convert our printed films into a variety of bags and pouches using different materials and thicknesses with a variety of seal types and added features as required.

Products include bags for hand packing or bagging machines, stand-up pouches, resealable bags and pouches plus many specialist applications. Pouches and bags are available in a variety of materials, shapes and sizes suitable for most product types. Treatments and coatings are added for features such as extended shelf life or barrier properties.

Even the most complex designs can be incorporated into pre-made bags and pouches using our in-house flexographic print technology. These include printed food pouches, printed pouches and stand up pouch printing.

Environmentally Friendly Pouches

New Asda ovenable product demonstrates cutting-edge pouch-making expertise

The first of its kind; a printed, stand-up, ovenable pouch for Asda was developed by TCL Packaging working closely with B&G Products.  It demonstrates a specialist application for pre-made pouches.

The printed Doypack took 12 months to develop and is suitable for microwave and conventional oven cooking up to 220°C. The pouch can also be stored as frozen. Read the full case study here.

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