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Lidding Film for Food Packaging & More

Lidding films from TCL Packaging are designed to suit each application. We use a variety of research techniques to ensure trays and heat-sealable films are matched. This gives optimum performance and minimises waste. Our in-house tray testing laboratory replicates the product packing conditions exactly – method, temperature and pressure.

Our technical team has in-depth knowledge of the various tray sealing equipment in use. We employ our special production control processes to ensure that tray and film are perfectly matched within very tight specifications. Peel strength, product cooking methods, print quality, degradability, product respiration rates and resealability all play a part in lidding films development.

TCL lidding films maintain the quality and freshness of products in modified atmosphere packaging (MAP).  This can be either through barrier films for O2 exclusion for cooked & cured meats, fresh meat, fish, poultry and dairy or through various perforation techniques to balance O2 and CO2 for whole and prepared salads, vegetables and fruit.

TCL offers a wide range of lidding films for use with most APET, PP or PE lined trays and thermoform base webs.  A number of options are offered, including printed lidding films too, and we work with customers all the time to develop innovative approaches and techniques.

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