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Environmentally Friendly, Recyclable, Compostable Flexible Packaging

TCL Packaging’s EarthFilm® is a range of compostable, recyclable, flexible and sustainably sourced alternatives to standard petrochemical-based plastic films.  TCL’s EarthFilm® materials behave and look like plastic packaging but at the end of their lifecycle, they are compostable.

In today’s environmentally aware world we understand that packaging must do more than the package, protect and contain.  It must do this in a way that is sustainable.  At TCL Packaging we are at the forefront of innovation with our EarthFilm® compostable flexible packaging solutions which are designed to complement our already eco friendly plastic packaging product portfolio.

The cutting-edge packaging technology offered by EarthFilm® makes it suitable for a wide variety of applications and can dramatically increase a brand’s green credentials.  Conscious of the carbon footprint of your current packaging solution ? Are your customers demanding bioplastic alternatives and you’re looking for compostable plastic packaging ?  EarthFilm® is the perfect choice!

The primary purpose of plastic packaging film is to protect and contain and inform in order to prevent other negative environmental impacts such as food waste. EarthFilm® films are designed to be controlled life products which break down at the end of their lifecycle and have been designed to complement, rather than replace, our existing flexible film products. EarthFilm® is the result of extensive technical development and research with a performance that matches conventional film types but with added ecological benefits. This makes EarthFilm® an ideal choice for customers with specific environmental requirements that traditional plastic cannot meet.

TCL Film code36CS-0141CHS-0156CHS-0151MS-0157PS-0162PHS-01 77PHS-01
DescriptionClear Cello/PLAClear Cello/PBSClear Cello/PBSClear Cello/Met Cello
Paper/PLA Paper/PBSPaper/PBS
Technical DatasheetTMS155TMS156TMS157TMS158TMS159TMS160TMS161
Overall Thickness36415651576277
Overall g/m²48.65573.57345.65270.5
Overall OTR1110.31,3951,4811,265
Overall WVTR1918177630139100
Seal temp (ºC)9380-12080-1201159380-12080-120
Seal strength (A-A)14 N/25mm>12 N/25mm>18 N/25mm22.5 N/25mm14 N/25mm>12 N/25mm>18 N/25mm
Lap Sealxxx
Fin Sealxxxxxxx
EN13432 Certifiedxx
  • Compostable flexible packaging is a credible alternative for non-recyclable packaging constructions and to add green credentials to environmentally sensitive brands.
  • Our environmentally friendly plastic packaging can be recycled with the paper waste stream.
  • Available across all lidding and form, fill and seal and pre-made pouch applications utilising your existing packing equipment.
  • Wide range of material options including PLA, PBS, metallised and paper.
  • Suitable for dry and moist food stuffs and non-food applications.
  • Anti-fog features can be incorporated for improved onshelf appearance and permeability (oxygen and moisture barrier) can be tailored to aid shelf life extension.
  • Available in a wide range of thicknesses from 36mu to 77mu with a wide sealing range and low seal initiation temperatures.
  • Can be used in ambient, frozen and chilled applications.
  • All raw materials are certified compostable. Some finished laminates are also certified to the EN13432 composability standard.

Our commitment goes beyond the products we develop, manufacture and supply. As a responsible and ethical supply partner TCL Packaging is dedicated to continuous improvement in all aspects of our operations including the minimisation of our impact on the environment. We take seriously the obligation to be stewards of the welfare and interests of the communities in which we operate.

Find out more about our compostable, eco friendly, flexible packaging and Download our Earth Film leaflet here .

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