Barrier Packaging Films

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Barrier filmsBarrier packaging films have specific barrier properties with designated gas and liquid transmission rates. For food products such as nuts or impregnated cosmetic wipes these films are also designed to resist attack by chemicals contained in the product. There are many new developments and innovations in this area at TCL including the use of multi-layer PET films that replace the need for aluminium use and facilitate film recycling.

TCL is developing many new barrier products including, high-performance and unique triple laminate films that can be used for dried goods such as ground coffee to replace aluminium based films that are not recyclable.


Laser scribing of barrier packaging films for easy opening

As part of its current expansion programme TCL Packaging has been working in collaboration with Rofin-Baasel UK to develop a turnkey system for high speed laser micro perforation and scribing of barrier films

Barrier filmsThe new laser scribing and perforating solution to be installed at the Telford manufacturing plans has three scanning heads each with Rofin two-axis technology.  It is capable of perforations down to 0.1mm in size, micro perforated or through just one film layer and in any pattern.  Lasers operate along and across the web to facilitate fast, complex and highly flexible designs.

This technology is ideal for tear off strips, offers and separate food sections as well as for opening panels in wet wipes which require maximum protection of moisture content but with easy opening for consumer convenience as required

Multi-layer, recyclable PET laminates reduce waste as an alternative to aluminium films


Barrier filmsbarrier films

Types of film

Extended shelf life
Label replacement
Pet food
Resealable Packaging
Bags and pouches


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