Ovenable Films

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TCL Packaging is the market leader in printed ovenable films.

Printed in high-definition, TCL ovenable packaging is suitable for ultra-high cooking temperatures for all food types cooked in either conventional or microwave ovens.

They are the first ovenable films to be successfully tested by Smithers Pira for ovenable food safety performance up to 225°C 435°F, exceeding the requirements of current EU Regulation (EC) No. 1935/2004.

Innovative new inks and print techniques have been used to achieve high-density, 150 screen that maintains stability and full integrity at high temperatures.

Reel form, pouches and Doy packs

Ovenable stand up pouchMade from a strong PET structure, ovenable films are available in reel form or as stand-up pouches.  They can be used for safe higher temperature cooking of most food types including roast vegetables, fish and meats.

For laminate structures and lidding films, the adhesive is also an important part of the specification process that achieves optimum film performance. Our laminate ovenable films have been comprehensively tested too.

Our technical and development support is second to none

Ovenable films are growing in popularity but not all packaging buyers are aware of the complex chemical and molecular behaviours of this type of printed ovenable film under extremely high temperatures.

Our technical team provides a comprehensive package of design and development for each specific application. Working closely with food producers and retailers to ensure each food product has the right specification of ovenable packaging to suit the application.



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Ovenable films

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Types of film

Extended shelf life
Label replacement
Pet food
Resealable Packaging
Bags and pouches


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