Corona Virus Update

Coronavirus Statement V4: UPDATED 27th March 2020
  • Operations Maintained at Planned Capacity.
    TCL Packaging Ltd has updated its’ strategy in respect to the Coronavirus outbreak based on current information and will continue to take action thus attempting to sustain a safe and healthy working environment and maintaining productivity levels that satisfies customer demand.
    Working within the food packaging industry we already have excellent hygiene processes in place but with the current situation we have introduced extra measures to further enhance our existing controls. They are reviewed at least weekly and below is the latest status as of the date indicated above:
    • There are no visitors allowed on-site unless agreed in writing by the Managing Director & Compliance Manager based on an assessment of risk.
    • Upon entry to the building all employees must both wash their hands in hot water for a minimum of 20 seconds AND then use a hand sanitiser before proceeding to any communal production or administration area.
    • All personnel should use the sanitation wipes provided to wipe down workstations, telephones & keyboards at the start of each morning & each afternoon.
    • In the Production areas there is a gap of at least 15 minutes between one shift leaving site and the following shift entering the site. This is to prevent cross-contamination of the shifts. All machine control panels, door handles and handrails are sanitised at the end of each shift by the last person to leave.
    • The Administration staff have been split into two teams: one team works on-site from Monday until Wednesday lunchtime and then works at home for the remainder of the week. The other team works the opposite, but again there is a minimum 15 minute gap on Wednesday lunchtime between one team leaving site and the other team entering it and all door handles, light switches and bannisters are sanitised at the end of each shift by the last person to leave.
    • All employees have been issued with a ‘Letter of Authority’ by the Managing Director to identify them as a key worker should they be stopped by the Police to, or from, their way to work.
    • Employees must make their own drinks and heat & handle their own food only. They must use the same mug and cutlery, washing with hot, soapy water after each use. Food must be kept in sealed containers until being eaten or heated. There must be no communal food (biscuits, cakes, etc.) brought onto the site.
    • Employees are strictly prohibited from travelling for business purposes. All employees should travel to and from the premises without stopping and exiting the vehicle wherever possible unless there is a need to refuel.
    • If a TCL employee is suffering from a persistent sore throat, persistent cough and/or high temperature they should telephone their line manager in the first instance to discuss their suitability to attend the TCL site.
    • Drivers from collection & delivery contractors are strictly forbidden to enter any building for any reason at any time.
    TCL Packaging Ltd would like to reassure you that our normal production and trading continues to operate in line with customer demand.
    John Hallett
    Compliance Manager

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