Apprentice scheme underpins the growth of TCL Packaging in Telford

TCL Packaging apprentices Aug 13
Two young apprentices at TCL Packaging, Ben Mitchell and Abbie Cartwright (right) training with sales office supervisor Laura Beetlestone

PRESS RELEASE – August, 2013

Two employees have just completed their one year work-based apprentice training scheme at TCL Packaging in Telford, printers of packaging films.  The company’s commitment to the scheme comes as the number of these work-based placements in the region trebles and as the company is enjoying a record year.  TCL currently employs 50 people and has two more apprentices about to commence training, taking the total through the scheme to seven.

The latest to complete their training at TCL are locals Ben Mitchell and Tom Oliver who work on the shop floor in conversion, pre-press and print support.  Another apprentice Abbie Cartwright has been on the scheme since the beginning of 2013 and is currently working in the busy sales office providing marketing and systems support

TCL’s commitment to apprentice schemes leading to a nationally-recognised qualification is simple.  “It is about clear vision and commercial benefit” says Mike Golding, TCL’s managing director

“The process is beneficial to everyone if handled in the right way. We take our time, with the help of our local training provider Matrix, to identify young people with good potential and have been pleasantly surprised how quickly they become useful to our business.  The Government funds the training element and we find competency and performance levels after just one year are amazing. This leads to on-going employment opportunities at the full market rate with TCL, making the whole process worthwhile”

However, Golding sounds a note of caution that not every company sees potential in apprentice schemes and urges unscrupulous employers who see this as a route to inexpensive labour to be weeded out.  “Apprenticeships are essential for plugging skills gaps and developing people and careers.  They are highly effective if training agencies, employers and apprentices are all committed.  In fact, nothing would give me more pleasure than handing over the reins of TCL Packaging one day to an employee who started life as an apprentice”

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