Our HD printed ovenable films receive highest temperature certification

Ovenable films from TCL Packaging are the first to be successfully tested by Smithers Pira for ovenable food safety performance up to 225°C 435°F.  The packaging is suitable for all food types cooked in both conventional and microwave ovens and is available in pouch and reel format.

Innovative new inks and print techniques have been used to achieve high-density, 150 screen that maintains stability and full integrity at high temperatures.

Consumer demand for ovenable convenience is growing rapidly and it is essential food cooked in plastic packaging is safe. The technical team at TCL is aware not all buyers are aware of the complex chemical and molecular behaviours of this type of printed ovenable film under extreme temperatures.

The test landscape is constantly changing too and recent developments require ink bleed tests which many current ovenable products on the shelves would now not pass. This is why TCL’s team provide in-depth development support for each new product working closely with food manufacturers, retailers and conversion partners.

The new TCL film is made from a strong PET structure and for rigorous test purposes it was used to create a printed stand-up ovenable pouch in the same style as TCL’s ovenable pouch currently on sale in Asda.

Available in reel form or as stand-up pouches, the films can be used for safe higher temperature cooking of most food types including roast vegetables, fish and meat.

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