TCL Packaging expands production capability with new slitter rewinder

Panthere 4 Slitter Rewinder
Panthere 4, the new slitter rewinder installed by TCL Packaging

TCL Packaging has purchased a new slitter rewinder for its production facility at Stafford Park in Telford. The new acquisition is part of the company’s drive to increase capacity, maximise production efficiencies and reduce lead times to meet demand for its packaging films.

The Panthere 4 from DCM Group in France has high speed re-winding capacity for up to 800mm diameter reels, along with precision tension control and cutting.  It is the fifth slitter to be purchased by TCL as the company continues to experience double-digit sales growth in both printed and non-printed films.

The increased production volume provided by the Panthere 4 is further augmented by in-line slitting of large diameter packaging films reels available on the TCL’s new Uteco Onyx 808GL central impression flexographic press which removes the need for some post processing.

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