TCL Packaging invests in cutting-edge laser perforation and scribing technology for packaging films

PRESS RELEASE- October 2013

Rofin-Baasel Starpack System Oct 13 low res
TCL Packaging has ordered a new Starpack laser perforating and scribing unit from Rofin Baasel

As part of its current expansion programme TCL Packaging has been working in collaboration with Rofin-Baasel UK to develop a turnkey system for high speed laser micro perforation and scribing of its printed packaging films

The system has three scanning heads each with Rofin two-axis technology making it capable of perforations down to 0.1mm in size and in any pattern.  Lasers operate along and across the web to facilitate fast, complex and highly flexible designs of micro perforations. This creates films that maximise shelf-life for an increasing variety of fresh food products, each with unique respiration rates and storage conditions

The same system also scribes packaging films through just one layer of laminated films which is ideal for tear off strips, offers and separate sections whilst protecting the integrity of the contents. Scribing also facilitates easy opening for consumer convenience

TCL’s managing director Mike Golding comments “this new high-tech laser equipment will enable TCL to provide a much wider range of packaging solutions from one system. This will improve flexibility and turn round and increase our capacity by around 200%

We chose Rofin-Baasel as they are leaders in their field and had the technical skills and commitment to work with us to develop a system to our specification and one that will be integrated into existing slitting equipment at our Telford factory early in 2014”



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